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Healing Hazel - Baby

The Benefits of Buying an Amber Teething Necklace Online in NZ
For centuries, amber has been more than merely a stunning stone to be admired and worn for decoration. In addition to its mesmerising beauty, amber is known for its natural healing properties. It has been used throughout Europe for years to combat many health ailments such as teething, thyroid gland stimulation, inflammatory issues and pain relief.
When positioned next to the warmth of the skin, an amber teething necklace is believed to secrete special oils (known as succinic acid) that are beneficial for reducing pain as they are absorbed into the bloodstream by the wearer. Amber is also known for its pain relieving and immune boosting properties as well as the ability to comfort.
When you purchase an amber teething necklace, you can effortlessly help your child’s transition through this growth stage naturally and effectively. The teething necklace can be worn at birth or provided for the child at the onset of teething. These beautiful stones offer a homoeopathic way to lessen pain, reduce drooling and the subsequent redness and inflammation associated with teething.
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