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Avanti Fish Scaler

Avanti Fish Scaler

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Scale your fish cleanly and efficiently with this easy to use Avanti Fish Scaler. It's ideal for scaling all popular types of fish, from snapper and flathead to barramundi and whiting. Designed in the shape of a fish it is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminium. It features raised cylindrical nubs that lift and brush the scales from you fish without slicing the skin.

  • Effectively removes scales of uncooked whole fish
  • Fish shape design
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Won’t absorb odours or flavours
  • Hanging loop in handle for convenient storage

    USE & CARE

        • To make the removal of the fish scales even simpler, it is ideal to remove scales prior to fish being washed. With cylindrical nub side flat against the fish, brush backwards and forwards to quickly remove scales.
        • Handwash only
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