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Avanti Tempwiz Meat Thermometer

Avanti Tempwiz Meat Thermometer

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  • Temperature range 54°C to 88°C
  • Dual celsius/fahrenheit display
  • Stainless steel body and probe
  • Large legible display dial
  • Rugged construction

    USE & CARE

        • 1) Remove roast from cooking appliance. Insert thermometer probe into the meat making sure that the probe's point is as close to the centre of the food as possible.
        • 2) Wait a minimum of 3-5 minutes before checking the temperature. This important pause allows time for the thermometer to stabilise and provide an accurate reading.
        • 3) To obtain a precise temperature reading, it is important to ensure that the probe's point is not resting on bone, gristle or a part of the cookware
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