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Avanti Vacum Pump Set

Avanti Vacum Pump Set

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The Avanti® Wine Preserver Set keeps the taste, bouquet and aromas of opened bottles of wine the natural way. The set includes a vacuum pump that removes air from the opened wine bottle and two reusable stoppers that create an airtight seal, decreasing the oxidation process. This process preserves the quality and prolongs the life span of the wine for several days after opening.

  • 1 x vacuum pump
  • 2 x stoppers
  • Made of durable stainless steel, BPA free plastic and rubber
  • Easy to use
  • Creates airtight vacuum seal
  • Preserves open bottles of wine for longer

    USE & CARE

        • Simply push the stopper into the bottle opening then place the pump on top. Slowly pull pump handle up and pump a few times to remove the air and create a vacuum seal. To remove stopper, release vacuum seal by pulling the tab on top of the stopper
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