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Dual Handle Pan 33cm

Dual Handle Pan 33cm

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A kitchen’s most essential item, this skillet is perfect for those occasions when family and friends gather for a meal.

The generous, naturally nonstick cooking surface offers a perfect vessel for one-pan recipes or roasts and will transform your grill or campfire into a short-order kitchen.

Pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and ready to use, Lodge Cast Iron skillets are manufactured under tightly controlled metal chemistry and exacting mold tolerances to deliver consistent product for even heating and superior cooking performance.

This 33cm skillet features convenient assist handles and pourer. The dual assist handle design fits nicely in the oven and looks even better on the table.

Top Inside Width: 33.5cm
Total Width: 34.92cm
Height: 6.04cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 40.49cm
Base Diameter: 28cm
Weight: 4.58kg

Made in USA.

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