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Training Nappy - Leopard Love

Training Nappy - Leopard Love

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Our Training Nappies are a pull up style nappy with minimum absorbency (approx. 20ml) to help your little one move from nappies to toilet training. 

They are one-size and fit like undies, with an elasticated waist and leg holes, so no domes or adjustments.

Why Choose Bear & Moo Reusable Training Nappies?

  • Reusable Training Nappies are cheaper than disposable nappies
  • Reusable nappies are a better choice the environment
  • Our reusable Training Nappies have been specially made using waterproof PUL with a cotton lining
  • Designed in New Zealand for kiwi kids - support local and shop small

Training Nappy Details

Our Training Nappies are designed for daytime use, when your little one is toilet training and may still have accidents.  They will likely catch one wee and then will need to be changed as otherwise they will get too full and may leak.  They are not suitable for overnight use as they won’t absorb enough.

Training Nappy Sizing

Our Training Nappies have an elasticated waist and leg holes so the sizing is variable.  There are no domes and they are a pull up style nappy.

We recommend these for use between 2 and 4 years.

The leg holes are approximately 23cm and the waist is approximately 33cm. At 3.5 years old, my son had a 33cm leg and 50cm waist and they fit him well. 


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