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Lodge Skillet Deep 26x7.6cm

Lodge Skillet Deep 26x7.6cm

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Take our 26cm skillet, add another 25mm to its depth and you get our 75mm deep skillet. Great for fried chicken or recipes where you need a little more room. Can be used for casseroles and stews with the addition of a lid.

Pre-seasoned and ready to use, Lodge Cast Iron skillets are manufactured under tightly controlled metal chemistry and exacting mold tolerances to deliver a consistent product for even heating and superior cooking performance.

The sturdy integral oven proof loop handle provides life long durability.

Top Inside Width: 25.4cm
Total Width: 26.7cm
Height: 7.8cm
Total Length (to end of handle): 42cm
Base Diameter: 19cm
Weight: 2.89kg

Made in USA.

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